So.  Until I find someone with willing hands and a memory good enough to, uh, remember to help me out by taking pictures, or at least can get a tripod, the tutorial is on hold.  I’ve tried taking the pics one-handed, but it’s not exactly as helpful as a tutorial really should be.  Sorry about that. 

  In other news, check out the new header!!  Believe it or not, it’s a photo I took in my very own front yard.  I’m really proud of it, and amazed that I got lucky enough to get that shot, perfectly aligned and everything!

  Thirdly.  Yes.  About my mutating cloche.  It’s being a bit trickier than I thought.  I’ve had to frog the thing several times, and it’s still not exactly right.  Luckily now, it actually resembles a hat.  Just a very small one. 

At this rate, it will probably be about the right size for an infant’s hat, so I’m going to keep on full speed ahead, and just post the pattern when it’s done as a child’s pattern.  Then I can go back and rework it to adult size from there, and give you that pattern when it’s done.

  Now, just one final thing.  I AM LOOKING FOR SUBMISSIONS!!!!  Seriously.  I want to see your weird crochet project.  Finding lovely things like this crochet balloon animal is great, but I want to see my fellow artists at work!!  You don’t have to give away the pattern, just a photo of your finished piece.  Go to “Do You Weird Crochet?” to see what you have to do to get it to me.  Or to ask me any questions.  Or because you’re a crocheting monkey who happens to have internet access- I don’t care!


  Okay.  I have a really great tutorial written up, but I’m having trouble getting somone to take the pictures for me.  I’d hoped to post it yesterday, but, unfortunately, it’s a real bitch to try and take pictures of your own hands, especially when you kind of need them both for the project, and you need to have one for the camera.  Hopefully I can get this done and posted by Monday, even if I have to take one-handed pictures and just explain where the second hand would be.

  Second, I am working on a really cool hat pattern.  It may not be the weirdest thing to ever be posted on here, but it is a pretty nifty cloche, and I’ve never seen anything like it.  That should be done by the end of next week.  Normally I’d have it finished by now, but it takes a little more time when you have to actually make notes of what you’ve done, and alter those notes, and change the pattern in your head as you see what’s working and what’s not.  I create stuff all the time by the seat of my pants, but I’ve never had to be held accountable for it before!!

  So that’s what you can expect soon.  Hopefully it will be well worth your time, and you’ll be really happy you kept your eye on this blog!

   . . .and it takes so long to find the ones that are out there.  Trust me, I know.  Every time cool weather hits, I get the bug to do crochet, and I spend days (literally) combing the internet to find some truly unique and interesting patterns to work on.  Most things you find out there are cutesy patterns you’d expect to find at a distant, aging Great Aunt’s home.  No offense to the Great Aunts and great aunt admirers out there, but I really longed for something different.  Someplace I could go to and reliably get that fantastic rush I get when I come across a truly, genuinely, bizarre crochet pattern.  The kind of pattern that makes you question the mental stability of the person who created it.  The kind of thing that’s like a train wreck- you don’t want to look at it, but you just can’t stop.  And so this blog was born.

  Because I know that there are more people out there like me, who really love the insane in life, and who also happen to like crochet, I’ve decided to bring all the great links and patterns I’ve found together in one place.  I’m going to keep searching, too, and bring you every new discovery I can find, as well as some of my own secret projects.  Guess what else, grand readers?  You can be a part of this too.  Have you got a crochet project you’ve been working on, one that makes people who see it exclaim “Dear Merciful Melvin, what on earth is that thing?!?!?”  Then submit your work.  Point me in the direction of something you’ve seen that I’ve missed.  Then we can all be satisfied, happy that at last we’ve found a place, a home that is at last all Weird Crochet.